Han And Roman Attitudes Towards Technology

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In history, attitudes towards technology differed in regions due to the various factors such as religion, philosophy, and social classes that were intertwined with technology. In the period up to 500 C.E., although both the Han and Romans had an attitude of much appreciation for their water network technology, their overall attitudes towards technology was different because while the Han government had a more open minded attitude as they believed that they should use technology to help their whole society, including the peasants due to their religious and philosophical beliefs, while the Roman government had a more narrow attitude in the sense that they usually did not use technology to help the peasants, but to help the higher social classes.
Han - used technology to help peasants
Roman - did not use technology to help peasants, but to help the higher social classes

The agricultural revolution marked the start of civilization. As people became sedentary, the population increased which enabled specialization of labor. With specialization of labor, civilization was able to form, which gave way to the creation of empires, governments, new technologies, social classes, religions (polytheism), and philosophies. The Han Empire and Roman Empire were both powerful regions that conquered vast lands and created innovative technologies, most notably, water control networks. The Roman empire was in its peak during the rule of Octavian (Pax Romana) and Rome became the center
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