Han Dynasty and Roman Empire (Compare and Contrast)

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The Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire vary in their political development and achievements. The Roman’s developed two different codes of law, one that applied to citizens and another that applied to non-citizens. Rome’s trade routes were built using stone, which made it very easy for merchants to travel from one city to another over a vast amount of land. China, however, used a single code of law for all their citizens and conquered peoples, and used a long and treacherous trail in their trade; that lead to the Middle East. Even though these two civilizations held many differences, they also shared rulers who personally oversaw their governments to prevent numerous dilemmas and used expansive trade routes to build up their economies and…show more content…
In Rome Christianity was widely adopted, first by the people and then by the state. They believed that a Savior would come who was the Son of God, and he would save them from their sins. Alternatively, the Han Dynasty adopted Confucianism. This was not so much a religion as it was more a set of rules and guidelines for a person’s behavior, thoughts, and actions. They also fed their multiplying populations differently. Rome imported grain from Africa. Whereas, China built huge store houses, and filled them during years when there was plenty of food. Then when years of droughts and poor crops came, there was enough food to feed everyone. The economy was also kept stable during these years because they didn’t need to raise the price of grain, since they had stored away so much during the good years. These two countries differed in how they fed their populations because of their cities arrangements and as a result of their planning. Rome had very large cities with little room because there were so many people, which also meant there was no room to build store houses. Conversely, China built store houses early on and did not live in such close quarters with everyone else. As you can see the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire possessed many differences both politically and through their accomplishments. That being said, they also shared an extensive variety of similarities. They varied in government, but
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