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Capstone Project Abstract Background Hand washing and hand hygiene are consider to be the number one, cheap essential measure of preventing and controlling spread of hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Hand washing and hygiene can significantly reduce the burden of disease, in particular in hospitalized patient Unfortunately compliance to hand hygiene recommended standard procedures by the health care workers (HCWs) has been unacceptably poor. In order to design education program, identification of several risk factors associated with poor hand hygiene (HH) compliance is of extreme importance. Objective: The purpose of this study is to implement a hand hygiene program for…show more content…
The identification of several risk factors associated with poor hand hygiene compliance is of extreme importance in the design of an education program .There should be continues education and monitoring of healthcare worker on effective hand washing and hand hygiene. According to an outcome of a study, wearing finger ring, wrist watch, long fingernail and use of hand lotion has impact on spread of infection by healthcare workers (Fagemes &Lingaas 2010. Health care workers that use wrist-watches at work may cause or promote higher total bacteria count than not wearing a watch. A similar situation occurs with finder ring and health care workers should remove finger rings and watches when at work, fingernails should be shorter than 2 mm, so as to reduce HAI (Fagemes &Lingaas 2010). Description of Present Problem In America and worldwide, millions of patient are suffering from hospital acquired infections also call nocosomial infection (NIs). This infection rate has high economic effect that is raising daily, rises from $6.5 to $33.8 billion within last 5 years (Spruce 2013). One in every 136 patients admitted to hospital or health facility end up with HAIs and become severely ill causing longer stay in the hospital, thereby increasing the cost of stay and antibiotic treatment. Morbidity rate of HAIs is very high with thousands died every year (Spruce 2013). The most frequently occurring hospital acquired infection is urinary tract

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