Hand on or Hands Off the Perineum? a Reflective Essay

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Reflection can be defined as “a process of reviewing an experience of practice in order to describe, analyse and evaluate and so inform learning from practice.”(Reid, 1993) It is an important factor when working within any health profession and midwifery is certainly no exception. Schon (1991) defines a reflective practitioner as “someone who learns by reflecting on current experience and applies that learning to future practice.” Reflection allows midwives to grow and develop professionally as well as personally (Kirkham, 1994) and can guide her into moulding her sphere practice in a positive way to benefit the women she is caring for (Church & Raynor, 2000). It also allows midwives to continue with lifelong learning and put theory to …show more content…
I have considered and looked at a number of reflective models to use such as Johns (2000), De Bono (1990) and Kolb (1984), but I have decided to use Gibbs (1988) as I found it easier to use for this particular reflection than the others and it is laid out in a simple structure that I can understand. All persons involved in this experience have been given a pseudonym name, to maintain confidentiality and protect the parents and the midwife involved in accordance with the NMC guidelines (2008).

Louise was a nulliparous woman in her thirties who had no pregnancy complications and nothing sinister in her medical history, so she was classed as “low risk” and she was 7 days over her estimated due date. Louise came on to the delivery suite and my mentor and I were looking after her throughout her labour, her partner was away at work so Louise only had us for support.

Before Louise went into established labour, the fetus would have descended into the pelvis and turned slightly to get into the widest space within the pelvis (Downe, 2003. pp.492-493). The widest diameter of the brim of the pelvis is the transverse diameter and within the pelvic outlet the biggest space is the anteroposterior diameter. In nulliparous women, the fetal head descends into the pelvis during the last couple of weeks of pregnancy and stays there, however in multigravid women; the muscle tone is a lot more lax
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