Handedness Of An Individual Can Be Determined

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Handedness of an individual can be determined by knowing which hand(right or/and left hand ) is used high frequently for performing the tasks. Most of the people around the world are right handed. There are four type of handedness. They are
• Right handedness- Major usage of right hand for most activities
• Left handedness- Major usage of left hand
• Cross-dominance- Usage of separate hands for separate tasks
• Ambidexterity - Using both hands equally
Different statistics study shows that certain percentage of population belong to particular category is likely to be left or right handed. The motor homunculus as shown in the picture represent the division of motor cortex that contribute to different structures of the body. Hand movement involve fine control over the motor area. The differentiation occur in the region of brain more particularly in the motor cortex in the cerebrum. For right handedness people the left hemisphere of the brain dominates and vice versa.. Researchers from University of Oxford and its collaborated universities found the link between the handedness and gene that is involved in this process which is mainly PCSK6 gene[1]. A study conducted with approximately 54,000 individuals revealed that 24% handedness is contributed by genetic factor. [2] These gene can be influenced by cultural and social pressure that can result in right handedness child born to left handed parents. Broca 's area that controls the speech and language is
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