Handel Group : A Corporate Consulting Life Coaching Company Essay

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Handel Group is a corporate consulting life coaching company dedicated to teaching people how to realize their personal and professional visions. Handel Group mainly specialized in improving the quality of people’s lives on a personal, professional and educational level. In order to have a productive life, the company has created seven criteria to follow on a weekly basis. These criteria are as follow: Peace, Diet, Fitness, Operations, Professional Development, Family and Community involvement. Currently, the company is using google sheets for each client in order to track and monitor progress one on one. Unfortunately, the company is not able to monitor clients progress on the organization level. The company has already been implementing a web-based system in order to analyze and better understand the overall performance of all clients. The system needs to be able to hold client’s daily performance record in terms of, peace, diet, fitness, leadership, professional development, family activities and community development. In addition, it needs to be able to track and monitor client’s performance as data is being added in the system. More importantly, Handel Group is in need of a Mobile application platform in order to better market themselves help facilitation clients in using their system with convenience. Users will receive the same privileges as when using the platform online. As a result of the system, clients will have real-time access their account more frequently,
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