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Handicrafts are unique expressions and represent a culture, tradition and heritage of a country. The Handicraft Industry is one of the important productive sectors. Various attempts have been made to define this broad and diversified industry. The following definition strives to cover diversity and complexity of Handicraft Industry.

Defining Handicrafts:
Definition According to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization/Information Technology Community (UNESCO/ITC) International Symposium on “Crafts and the International Market: Trade and Customs Codification”, Manila, Philippines, October 1997:
Handicrafts can be defined as products which are produced either completely by hand or with the
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Wooden articles in India range from the ornately carved to the absolutely simple. One can find toys, furniture, decorative articles, etc. bearing the art and individuality of the craftsman. India is known particularly for its lacquered wood articles.

Stone Craft:
The intricately carved stoneware made of marble, alabaster or soapstone, etc., inlaid with semiprecious stones carry on the heritage of Indian stone crafts.

Glass and Ceramic:
Glass and ceramic products are a fast upcoming segment in the handicrafts from India. The age-old production process of mouth-blowing the glass instills a nostalgic feeling. The varied shapes of ceramic and glass in a number of colours, would appeal to Western aesthetics while retaining the Indian touch.

Wooden Handicraft Industrial Overview
Wooden handicrafts are specialized skills passed on from one generation to the next. The term 'wooden handicrafts' refers to a wide range of wooden items carrying utilitarian and artistic value that are made by hand, or with the use of simple tools. Indian wooden handicrafts reflect unmatched workmanship, fine designs, and subtle elegance. This makes India one of the chief exporters of wooden handicrafts in the world market.
According to the classification of Indian industries, a small scale industry is defined as an industry that is: * Not registered under the

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