Handies: A Short Story

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“Fine! But he is not welcomed at the castle until I’m dead!” King Sage yelled again as he stormed back to the castle.

At the castle, Skye woke up to the chirping of birds and warm wind hitting her body. She saw a note on her desk, so she looks at the note and read it. “The marriage was cancelled so you could be happy, love Mom.” Skye thought as she read the note. Skye began to cry as she thought of what happened. She could now be with Denarise forever, and she won’t get in trouble for it. Later that afternoon, Skye goes to town to meet up with Denarise at the new store called “Handies”. Denarise was waiting there for Skye as she approached the store. “Denarise!” Skye smiled as she ran into Denarise’s arms. “Oh Skye! I missed you last
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