`` Handlebars `` By Flobots And Hitler 's Book

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There is a great difference between coming to the realization of your own potential and actually putting it to use. All over the world, although mostly in more developed countries, revolutions and amazing discoveries have been caused by single human beings that are being active about their knowledge. Some people are more passive about their ability to use their higher-level thinking skills, though. It is intimidating to think of the power that dominant individuals have had in the past, such as influencing people’s thinking and controlling their lives or making significant advancements and saving numerous lives. The song “Handlebars” by Flobots and Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf, both exhibit a sense of power, ability to influence people’s thinking, and a lack of self-control that lead to the more detrimental path of using one’s knowledge and potential. One of Adolf Hitler’s main points throughout his book was how Germans are superior to every other race and how Nazi’s should be in complete power. He believed that the Aryan race was perfect, and even encouraged women to bear as many children of this race as they could. He even goes to the extent where he describes what the perfect person looks like, which consisted of pale skin, blue eyes, etc. With this, he concluded that Jews and Gypsies were the most racially inferior with full plans to eliminate them. Writing this book while in jail, being incarcerated for trying to seize southern Germany, he must have been extremely confident

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