Handling Conflict And The Conflict Resolution

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Handling Conflict
Norma Valdez-Rosa
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Handling Conflict
Conflict cannot be eliminated from the workplace therefore learning appropriate conflict-handling skills is important. It is imperative nurses learn how to effectively handle conflict in the work environment (Morrison, 2008). According to the Conflict Resolution Questionnaire Analysis, my style of conflict resolution is Collaborating. I believe that working together will get better results than working alone, a win/win situation. I can express assertiveness, cooperation and welcome differences of opinions. I will listen to the opinion of others and will give you mine as well.
Change Theories
There are numerous change theories that nurse leaders can use to help make a change. According to our textbook, one of the most useful theories is Lewin’s change theory. This theory of change is described in three stages, (a) Unfreezing, (b) Moving, and (c) Refreezing (Grossman & Valiga, 2012). First, in the unfreezing stage, a problem is identified, analyzed and the start for change begins. Second, in the moving stage, this is where you make the change; new policies are developed and implemented. Last, in the refreezing stage, the change has been made and this is the new way of doing things now. Lewin’s change theory also mentions the driving forces, restraining forces and equilibrium, in order for organizations to remain in balance. An example of Lewin’s…

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