Handling Conflict

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In this world every working organization is having its own conflicts and the way of managing that conflicts are also differ from others. Conflicts can become cause of stress for organization and for individual. There are different types of conflicts and several ways of resolving the conflicts. In this report, the conflicts of one working organization can be shown and the recommendations according to the “Blake and Mouton’s model of handling conflicts” to solve the conflicts of the organization.


The organization is called “International Media Cooperation” working as private channel since 1990. The organization is based in Pakistan and having one office in Dubai and one in United Kingdom. It
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In organization every employee has his own ideas and interests. These separate views can cause conflict and may become a reason to unpleasant environment in the organization. If an employee is in conflict with someone at work, then he can suffer from anger, fear and different psychological problems. Conflict can act as a stressor. According to Landis and Umberson (1988), conflict has strong effect on any individual working in organization.


The international media cooperation is medium size organization. It has different offices in different countries. In each office several employees are working at many levels in separate departments. Many senior managers with great experience engage with this organization but the problems usually arise which are uncontrollable for the managers.

Nevertheless, experience person in the organization, does effect the performance of the organization but this is the science and technology era which changes rapidly.

In this organization abundant of conflicts exist which are becoming reasons of fall of performance and unpleasant environment of the organization. Some of the conflicts of this organization are described as follow.


The international media cooperation works is multinational company. Mostly, transfer of
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