Handling Disparate Information Of Leo

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Handling Disparate Information #1 This is an ethical dilemma as it is reported that Leo is harassing the ethnic minority clients and present them with harsh and derogative terms. There is also no element of integrity in Leo because he is trying to deceive the supervisor and his Dr. Vaji on his conducts during the role-playing exercise and the actual supervision. The APA Ethical Principles that help frame the nature of this dilemma are the principles of showing honesty in all professional relations; the principle of showing compassion, dignity and respect to the clients; and the principle of showing respect to the rights of clients, colleagues and other health practitioners and observer law when dealing with the clients’ privacy and confidentiality. #2 The stakeholders include the other three second-year graduate students, Leo’s teacher, clients, Leo Watson, Dr. Vaji, and the supervisors. The decision made by Dr. Vaji will affect the relationship between the three students and Leo with regards to their peaceful participation in the role-playing exercise in the class. The resolution will also impact the ethnic minority clients who will either be respected by Leo depending on such decisions. The level of supervision by the teacher and supervisor of Leo will also increase depending on Dr. Vaji’s resolution. #3 The additional information about the client’s reports and experience with Leo would be useful to Dr. Vaji. He should call Leo’s supervisor for some information about the

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