Handling Earthquakes and Disasters

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Introduction Presently, many schools have to deal with real barriers in relation to earthquake safety as well as emergency preparedness. There are strategies that are short term, and which helps in long-term strategies integrating preparedness education for both students, together with their families into existing present school activities. The crucial goals need to be increasing students and staff preparedness in cases of an earthquake. Handling Earthquakes Many schools that do not prepare for an event such as an earthquake suffer tremendously as buildings are damaged with students trapped inside. The situation can be a depressing moment for parents worried about their children not returning home from school. School buildings that have been built recently are normally constructed without the contribution of engineers skilled in earthquake resistant strategy and construction. Low budgets by the school management increase the probability that materials of low quality and workmanship are put into use. The occurrence of an earthquake brings into focus safe schools having a vital part in rehabilitating the society. This is because schools are often distributed all over the communities, and can be used to provide shelter for the homeless and medical clinics in emergency situations such as in the event of an earthquake (Hunt1979).Schools have a role to play before an occurrence of an earthquake in educating students and their parents on earthquake preparedness as well as
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