Handling Open Incidents Effectively Within It Services Management

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The main objective of IT Service Management (ITSM) is to ensure that all business processes and resources are optimized and implemented using the best practices defined in ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) to meet the organizational goals. ITIL defines Incident Management process to manage and restore the normal service operations from the disruptions minimizing the impact to the business. This study focusses on improving the performance of an organization by the effective management of open incidents. The research proposes generating reports from incident management tool and increasing the rate of resolving the incidents through a systematic process flow.
IT plays an important role to help an organization meet their business objectives and customer demands. IT operates as a business within a business, supporting all the process of the business and thus, it is the backbone of any type of an organization. IT is responsible for aligning all the operations with the business needs and ensure interruption free functioning of all the services in an organization.
ITSM provides a set of best practices and a process oriented approach based on ITIL standards which help to optimize and manage IT services and deliver the quality IT services that satisfy the customers and meet the needs of a business. Incident management has been defined as a process in ITIL through which an…
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