Handling the Brain Essay

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Handling the Brain

The initial premise of this web search was to determine what differences, if any, were known to exist in the brain of the ambidextrous individual. An actual classification of "ambidexterity" seems to have been all but eliminated, while the explanation of the term, "handedness", has become increasingly muddled.

Beyond superstitions and mysticism, in its earliest history an individuals favoritism of the left or right hand proved significant mainly to those clinicians who utilized this physical clue of handedness as an indicator of brain lateralization (2). Lateralization in general "refers to the concept that a given function is controlled preferentially by one side of the brain or body (5). Brain lateralization
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Shortly there after a German neurologist, Carl Wernicke, further identified a left hemispheric region significant to language comprehension (3).

The majority of the human population, 70% to 95%, exhibits "left-hemisphere language specialization", and are for the most part what one popularly considers "right-handed". The debate over the 5% to 30% who are not "right-handed" finds that they might be classified as: ambidextrous, left-handed, or non-right handed, depending on the individuals particular traits and by whom they are scrutinized. In relation to brain lateralization those individuals not characterized as "right-handed" tend to have, as a group, a less predictable pattern of specialization (3). A contrasting approach to addressing the "left-handed" and ambidextrous persons dispersed processes would be to conceive of the "right-handed" as dextrally bias (1).

In popular culture individuals have often been classified as "right or left -brained". This classification has to do with those functions generally specialized in each hemisphere. "Left-brained" individuals are deemed strong in those functions localized in the left hemisphere, which include: number skills, written language, reasoning, scientific, and the spoken language. While a "right-brained" individual proves characterized by those functions localized in the right hemisphere, which include: insight, 3D spatial reasoning, art awareness, imagination, and music awareness

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