Handmaid's List: A Narrative Fiction

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For the third time, Elias was now looking at the shopping list given to him by his wife. The yellow lined paper was wet and the ink was seeping through, creating a nonsensical blob of illegible words. Straining his eyes he could barely decipher the letters; milk, eggs, and formula. The rest of the list was a jumbled mess. All that he could make out past the third item on the list was the letter D smudged into the paper. He looked closer, his frustration rose. Now interrogating the paper he started thinking to himself out loud.
“I can handle delicate fossils but I can’t keep a single piece of paper from getting destroyed, are you kidding me!?” People were now staring at him as he stridden in fury down the aisles of the store. He reached the first item on the list, the milk. While opening the glass doors a cloud fell to his feet, causing the hairs on his legs to stiffen. Looking through the veil of smoke he saw three rows with three different colored caps. One row is blue, another is green, and the final is red. Looking back down at the list he reread that they needed milk. He recalled the conversation he had with his wife about which milk they needed.
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Elias looked down at the list and saw the fourth item, the illegible item that started with D. His family was tight on money, so he and his wife agreed to never get anything off of the list but now was his chance. He could get some dinosaur crackers and just say that's what he thought it said on the list. Looking up at the dinosaur crackers sitting so openly on the shelf, he was overcome and grabbed the round cylindrical container. Holding the list and the crackers in both his hands he looked back and forth between the two. The list wrinkled, weak, and misunderstood. The crackers, delicious, perfect, and desirable. He convinced himself that he could pull it off. Holding onto the crackers, he shoved the list back into his pocket, crinkling and weakening it even
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