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Does the women of Gilead know that they are being controlled?      Are the women of Gilead aware that they are being controlled by the society? In Margaret Atwood¡¯s The Handmaid¡¯s Tale, the theme of control is a very important factor of the book. In the story, at the Republic of Gilead, the women are being controlled by the society to do what the society wants them to do. The handmaids are brainwashed before they start working for the society. But since the brainwashing happens so naturally over a period of time, the handmaids don¡¯t fully realize that they have been brainwashed by the society to do what the society wants them to do.      The theme of control and being brainwashed…show more content…
The house hold waits for the commander to arrive, and until than they always watch the news on the television which Serena Joy turns on. But we can also realize that Offred has doubts about whether the news is real or not. ¡°Who knows if any of it is true? It could be old clips, it could be faked.¡±(105). Although she¡¯s having doubts, she still can¡¯t fight it off. As she watches the news, she runs into this part where the anchorman appears in the screen explaining the situation, and tells the viewers that everything will be fine. At this part, she feels that she is being brainwashed by the anchorman. ¡°I struggle against him. He¡¯s like and old movie star, I tell myself, with false teeth and a face job. At the same time I sway towards him, like one hypnotized. If only it were true. If only I could believe.¡±(107). Although she knows that she¡¯s being brainwashed she can¡¯t fight it back, and even wants to believe the news since she feels that it would be the best for her that if the anchorman was telling the truth.      Although Offred sort of realizes that she is being controlled, she can¡¯t fight it back. It happened so gradually over a long period of time that she can¡¯t change it. And she is even used to it in a way that she wants to believe what

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