Handmaids tale

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Marlyn Barroso ETS 192 October 3rd, 2013 Hierarchy in The HandMaid 's Tale Margaret Atwood 's The Handmaid 's Tale is a interesting novel that will have you confused but also have you bitting your nails with intrigue. So many questions might go in your head, at the same time; Atwood wrote this novel so her readers can have curiosity, even after reading the last word of the last paragraph of the last page of the book. One of the main topics of this novel is the effect on society when a women 's fate is taken away from and replaced by a label of their own. The social hierarchy in the novel categorizes its citizens in a way to hold different social norms for each to enforce patriarchy in the society. Even when power is taken away…show more content…
There 's no doubt about who holds the real power” illustrating the acceptance of the hierarchy by Offred the Handmaid. The “kinky” things the commander does with her is play scrabble, and also gives her banned magazines and books while watching her read it, knowing is illegal. If a Handmaid cannot conceive, it is not the commander 's fault. It is illegal to blame it on the commander because no commander is supposedly sterile, “there is no such thing as a sterile man anymore”(Atwood 61). This just emphasizes the importance men have in this novel, they are never wrong and they are always the perfect one. Everything revolves around them and their pleasures. The commander took his Handmaid Offred to Jezebel 's, “we are suppose to be such chaste vessels. They like to see you all painted up. Just another grumpy power trip” said Offred. Jezebel is a place where commanders mingle with prostitutes, “we 're all dammed anyways, they 've given up on us, so it doesn 't matter what sort of vice we get up to... women on women sort of turns them on.” The commanders take their handmaids to this place as a way to show them off, “I am to understand also that I am on display” (Atwood 251), and Offred is knowledgeably aware. They have the power to make the females do whatever they want, because they demand. The only reason why commanders hold so much power, is because the handmaids let them. Within the females there 's also hierarchy differences that
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