Hands Of Stone Psychological Theory

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Hands of Stone is a 2016 film, directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz. The film is a biopic based on Panamian boxing legend, Robert Duran, played by Edgar Ramirez. The film shows his rise from a poor street boxer to a feared amateur known for his free spirit and early knockouts. In his quest for greatness he meets the love of his life, Felicidad (Ana de Armas), illustrious boxing coach Ray Arcel (Robert Di Nero), and goes head to head with American champion Sugar Ray Leonard (Usher Raymond). Through the lens of basic needs theory, an individual's motivation is determined by how well a situation fits the individual's needs (Fraser-Thomas, 2017). More specifically in the domains of autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Throughout the film, Duran experiences…show more content…
Autonomy involves feeling ownership over behaviour in such a way that one's actions stem from a sense of perceived choice & internal control (Fraser-Thomas, 2017). Autonomy exhibits a positive relationship with motivation, so when feelings of autonomy are low, motivation levels will decline accordingly. It can understood that in the first fight with Leonard, Duran seeks and initiates the fight on his own free will. During this fight when Felicidad, Ray, and what Duran perceives as all of Panama is supporting him, his perceived autonomy is at an all time high and as a result so is his motivation. He goes on to dominate Leonard and give him his first defeat to become world champion. The second fight is a completely different dynamic. Since Eleta agrees to the fight without Duran's permission, he feels violated. He is completely stripped of his autonomy because he no longer possesses a sense of perceived choice and internal control. Furthermore when Leonard begins insulting him at the press conference and his wife winks at Leonard, he begins to feel a loss of control and that everyone is turning against him. Finally during the fight when he tells Ray he thinks the size of the ring is rigged he displays a complete lack of autonomy. It leads to him forfeiting the match and displays that without autonomy, motivation will be very low or even completely
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