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Concentrated Knowledge™ for the Busy Executive Vol. 24, No. 11 (3 parts) Part 1, November 2002 • Order # 24-26 FILE: HANDS-ON MANAGEMENT ® Real-Life Stories of How People Change Their Organizations THE HEART OF CHANGE THE SUMMARY IN BRIEF By John Kotter and Dan Cohen CONTENTS The Heart of Change Page 2 Increase Urgency Pages 2, 3 If you’ve ever tried to change anything, you know how hard it is. How do you go about getting your message across to truly change people’s behavior? While most companies believe change happens by making people think differently, that isn’t the case. Instead, according to John Kotter and Dan Cohen, change happens when you make people feel differently. You have to appeal more to the…show more content…
The second is immobilization and self-protection, driven by fear or panic. The next is “you-can’t-make-me-move” deviance, driven by anger. And the last is a pessimistic attitude, leading to constant hesitation. These behaviors prevent people from taking action. Instead, they hold back or complain as others initiate new action. The result is that a needed change effort is derailed. The first step is not to create a vision. This is especially true if your organization is in crisis, if alligators are nipping at your feet. If they stand on a burning platform, they have no choice but to take immediate action, to jump away from their comfortable positions. Assembling a team to discuss the organization’s new vision won’t be very successful, because team members will be worried more about self-preservation than the new vision. (continued on page 3) See, Feel, Change Changing one person is hard enough, but changing 100 or 1000 is an almost Herculean task. Yet organizations are doing just that. Most that do so successfully focus on showing what needs to be changed. Once people respond emotionally to the lesson, their emotional reactions propel them into action. They see, then feel, then change. To help them make the leap, you must: ✓ Help people see the need for change with compelling, eye-catching dramatic situations to visualize problems and solutions. ✓ Let people feel as they are hit with the reality of their situation and feel the need to act. ✓ Let
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