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Hanes case study: IMC
Q1. What IMC objectives are important to Kelsey?
Integrated Marketing Communications is defined as “a management concept that is designed to make all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing work together as a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in isolation” (Lake 2011). This is critical for Hanes, given that Hanes occupies the frequently dangerous mid-market area of the undergarment market. It is not a high-end retailer that sells clothing primarily upon its image, such as Calvin Klein but there are also cheaper no-brand alternatives competing for consumer attention in drug stores and discount stores. An integrated image for
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This can be followed by conducting a quantitative analysis through online surveys of a ‘test group’ of viewers. Responsiveness to the ads within specific demographics can enable Hanes to refine the marketing campaign, and select which magazines and print advertisements have readership which are most responsive to the campaign. With both techniques, persuasion analysis, attitude and opinion tests and recognition of brand awareness are must be evaluated—viewers must receive the correct impression of the product’s desired image, be persuaded to buy the product, and also recognize Hanes (versus a competitor) when going shopping (Chapter 15, 2012, 15-6). Combining “traditional offline marketing opportunities” with marketing opportunities online is another fundamental building block of IMC (Wilms 2012: 2).
Q3. Are there any online evaluation metrics that would be valuable to Kelsey’s efforts? Online metrics frequently used to measure consumer behavior include click throughs; length of engagement on the website overall; the dwell rate and time online; response rates; overall sales; and web ‘chatter’ such as sharing the link through Facebook (Chapter 15, 2012, 15-21). For example, Hanes can keep track of how many people watch its new advertisements online via their website and YouTube in terms of ‘click-throughs’ and repeat viewers and sharers, as well as the degree to which their sales increase as a result of the new
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