Hang Seng Bank

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Applied Marketing Module Code: 26148 Assignment Title: Hang Seng Bank Module Tutors: Ronnie Sit Student ID: 201000591 201000542 201000492 201000530 201000534 201000591 201000522 Submission date: 21/03/2011 Content Executive summary 3 Service blue print of Hand Seng Bank 4 Stengths and Weaknesses of HSB service blueprint 6 Customer Benefits 7 Relationship Marketing 13 Limitation and Recommendation 17 Appendix 1 20 Reference list 21 Executive summary In this assignment, we through the service blueprint of the Hang Seng Bank, we find out some strengths and weaknesses. Besides that, we also find out the customer benefits from Hang Seng…show more content…
In Act3, the last part is Depart, the bank teller give back the passbook or ATM card to the customer. And saying to the customers “Thanks you, bye bye!” with soft sound and smile. Then the bank teller tidy up the desk and continue to serve another customers. There are also got some fail points, for example, the staff fill in the withdrawal form wrongly with wrong account number or the amount. This makes misunderstanding between the customers and the bank teller. Also, the fail point in inputting data to the computer of the bank teller, if the bank teller does not double check the input data (wrong account number and wrong amount), the whole transaction will be wrong. If the bank teller does not verify the signature clearly and process the transaction, the risk of safety will be higher. If the bank teller put the wrong form or passbook in the printer then the printed record will be printed wrongly. This fail points make the customer need to more time to wait the bank teller to make correction and dissatisfy the services. The last fail point is the bank teller counting wrong amount of the bank notes, this make loss money to the bank or to the customers. There are a service blueprint in Appendix 1. The strengths and weaknesses of Hang Seng Bank service blueprint The strengths are: the bank teller double check the transaction, the form and the signature. This can give safety feel to customers, they are willing to using the
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