Hanging And Suicide Article Analysis

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As of 2012, hanging is the second leading cause of suicide deaths in the U.S with approximately 25% of adults succeeding their attempt (“U.S Methods of Suicide”, n.d). Hanging is referred to the form of asphyxia caused by suspension by rope or any sort of ligature that would suffocate or kill someone (Rao, 2013). Coroners have the responsibility of determining whether deaths are considered a suicide, homicide, natural, or accidental. Even if it looks like a suicide, such as someone who has appeared to hang himself, coroners have to eliminate the possibility that it could have been a homicide made to look like a suicide. In the following article, “Observed Characteristics of Suicidal Hangings: An 11-year Retrospective Review” (2012), hanging…show more content…
World This article compares two areas in which the world or another specific group questions one other specific group. Moreover, it differentiates suicides and homicides depending on the criteria of the crime scene. First, coroners and forensic pathologist are targeted by families who doubt the way they rule deaths, particularly suicides. In addition this article educates the world on how autopsies are administered to determine a suicide by hanging. Second, the authors mention that suicides and homicides are investigated differently in accordance to what the autopsy reveals and environmental factors as well.
Coroners vs. the
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This implication is troubled under the circumstance that the study population manipulates the results. In other words, that inference holds true probably because the study pool consisted of mostly Caucasian certified suicide deaths. Given that the data was taken from Ohio counties, which are inhabited by mostly White people, then such implications are expected (Dean et al., 2012, p.1228). More research with varied data sets would be required to make such claim. Furthermore, the results also report suicide, in general, is more common among men than women. This article is not the first to confirm that statistic, however, it is important to consider the factors of why this may be true. “Why males have a higher suicide rate than females is a subject that is complex and poorly understood and involves aspects such as sex, social factors, medical factors, and occupations” (Dean et al., 2012, p.1228). Other than that, this article clearly cuts to the point without making too many bias statements and instead tests the question they aim to answer in the
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