Hank Kolb, Director Quality Assurance

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Hank Kolb, Director, Quality Assurance
Problem Definition
The fundamental problem is management. Senior management lacks the policies and visible support of a quality philosophy such as following a ISO 9000 Quality System. Even though they have recently appointed Hank Kolb to oversee their quality program, which is a move in the right direction, there is still a lack of visible senior management support for quality.
The fundamental problem shows up in a number of symptoms such as putting schedule and market share above quality and safety. It also shows up as a poor attitude about quality. Quality is viewed as an add on, inspected in, and is an impedance to doing their job. Proper training is not viewed as a prerequisite to start a
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Alternative 3 is a good thing to consider because it could provide an opportunity to remove the problem and provide a quality product in the quantities needed. However, it does take time to perform the investigation and analysis that does not solve the short term problems. One must also be careful that the selected supplier has the quality systems in place and the off-loading of the work is not viewed negatively by the employees. Alternative 4 is a good start but one would have to question if they need a full time staff to do it or if a system could be set up that required a staff as needed. Alternative 5 is also good but one needs to focus on the decisions they want to make then design the data collection based on the required decisions. Alternatives 6, 7, and 9, are good steps in the right direction but take time to do right. Alternatives 8 and 10 are the foundation to starting to solve the fundamental problems. Recommendations
Hank should engage senior management to provide visible support for a quality philosophy that will change the attitudes across the company. Then Hank needs to start an awareness campaign that will allow people to understand the cost of poor quality and the value of good quality processes as part of this management support. Hank then needs to focus on short run to get things under control. He should start collecting data on why and how the machine breaks

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