Hannah Arendt Motivation

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Hannah Arendt has been widely recognized as both one of the most major thinkers and top political philosophers of the 20th century. Arendt was born on October 14, 1906 in Hanover, Germany as the only child of a middle-class Jewish-German family. She grew up in Königsberg, In 1913, her father passed away and her mother persuaded her into strong academic studies, and it is quite evident she did well in motivating her as Arendt’s academic background is quite large. In 1933, Arendt was arrested for having gathered information regarding the Nazi army and anti-semitism. Afterward, Hannah Arendt, being a Jew in a city under nazi regime,was forced to flee the country and began a new life in Paris, France. She began working with Youth Aliyah, which was an organization that primarily helped rescue Jewish children from most of eastern Europe. In 1940, she married a philosophy professor named Heinrich Blücher and and soon became interned at Camp Grus, and escaped before the Germans arrived, once again on foot as a fugitive with her husband. Due to the German invasion of France the couple alongside Arendt’s mother fled France and flew over to Portugal using illegally issued visas. Religion played a very large role in Hannah Arendt’s life, but in a completely inevitable manner. The fact that Arendt was Jewish and grew up in a city under full nazi regime control. Hannah Arendt incorporated her idea and views of religion very delicately in her writing which is expected of from a good
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