Hannah Baker Committed Suicide In Thirteen Reasons Why

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Thirteen Reasons Why

Sometimes you feel accused of something that you are positive you didn’t do. For Clay Jensen it was as serious as being blamed for someone’s suicide. That someone was Hannah Baker. In the novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, Hannah Baker had committed suicide and before she died she recorded tapes with thirteen reasons why she committed suicide. She included each person and told them how they influenced her decision to commit suicide. Clay Jensen had no idea why he would have received the seven cassette tapes in the mail. He thought they had always been friendly to each other even though they did not know each other too well. Hannah said in the cassette tapes that if they were not passed along, then what is on the
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Throught the seven different tapes she tells each person the events and their actions that prompted her to kill herself. Clay Jensen had gotten the tapes in the mail and he did not understand why he had received them because he did not think he was influential in Hannah’s life. As Clay was waiting for his name to come up in the tapes he found out things about his classmates that he could not believe. One event was that a boy named Zach Dempsey was secretly stealing Hannah’s notes that classmates had wrote to her to make her feel good about herself. Another event was when Ryan Shaver took one of Hannah’s poems and put it in the newspaper as his own. Hannah did not feel safe anywhere after that. However she did feel safe when she was talking to Clay. When Clay’s name came up he was shocked to hear he did not do anything that was as terrible as the other people who were on the tapes. Sometimes people do not know how they influence people’s lives. Some people on the tapes did terrible things that made Hannah hate her life even more but in Clay’s case he made her feel better until he didn’t defend her when the rumors were going around about her. Clay did not feel that he was an influential person in Hannah’s life but as the tapes showed, he clearly was very important to
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