Hannah G Through The Lens Of The Major Theoretical Perspectives

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Human development is a continuous process which occurs over the life-span of an individual. Development occurs within a social context where heredity and environmental influences are interlinked. A number of theories have contributed to our understanding of the way in which an individual can develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. This paper explores the development of Hannah G through the lens of the major theoretical perspectives. The case of Hannah concentrates on her infant and early childhood years. The foundation years are crucial for development and this paper highlights a number of factors which have contributed to Hannah’s development thus far. Family context Hannah is a 6 year old female who lives with both her parents. The parents appear to have a large amount of work related stress and their marriage is riddled with conflict. Furthermore, it appears that the family resilience is very low and communication is of a major concern. It is evident that this family is enmeshed and all parties battle with emotional regulation. Family context is of vital importance to early infancy and early childhood development as the immediate environment consists predominately family. It is also the environment in which one develops their sense of identity, cultural values and beliefs. Furthermore family is the grounding from which psychosocial development occurs. The case notes that academically Hannah is performing in line with her peers, however, it seems her
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