Hannah God : Israel God

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Intro to the bible

Hannah God; Israel God

God grant Hannah’s prayers but his plan was greater then just giving Hannah a child. There are aspects of the story that parallel the greater story of Israel’s need for a king.

1 Samuel 1:5-17 is about Elkanah’s wife Hannah could not bear child. In the past, woman who can not pregnant will be think as cursed by God. In addition to Hannah (1 Sam 1:1-2:21), several other women are childless: Sarah (Gen 11:29-30; Rebekah (Gen 25:20-34; 26:34-27:45), Rachel (Gen 29:15-30:24), Samson’s ,)21:1-8 ;16:1-18:15 mother (Judg 13:2-25), the Shunammite woman (2 Kgs 4:8-37),and the woman in Ezra’s vision (2 Esdr These women share a lack of blame for their childlessness, in contrast to others whose .)9:38-10:54 barrenness is described as punishment (for example, the women of Abimelech 's house in Gen 20:17-18; punishment for adultery in Lev 20:20-21; David 's wife Michal in 2 Sam 6:23; the wicked in Job 18:19; 2.(18־9:10 Babylon in Isa 14:22; and Israel in Hos 9:10-18. **(add commentary about barren)
Barren Mother Models
All the stories include the same three basic elements. But additional details in the narratives subdivide the type into three different models.
The first model, competition, includes five elements: a favored wife is childless; her husband has another, rival woman; the rival bears a son for her husband; the rival belittles the childless wife,…
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