Hannah Runyan. Pellegrino. Block 2/3. 2 March 2017. Evolution

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Hannah Runyan
Block 2/3
2 March 2017
Evolution of The American Dream
Americans drastically shifted from wanting the basics in life as the ‘American Dream’ to wanting more than they ever thought was attainable; this fueled American spirits after the Great Depression and gave them something to aim for. The term ‘The American Dream’ was coined by historian and author James Truslow Adams in his 1931 book The Epic America. He spoke of “. . . a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement . . .” (Adams 214). In the beginning, this Dream simply promised the country to climb the social ladder through labor and ingenuity and live amongst the rich;
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The next major feat in space exploration was applying the motivations of the United States to combine with international forces and construct the International Space Station. Fathered by President Ronald Reagan in his State of the Union Address 1984, he argues, “America has always been greatest when we dared to be great. We can reach for greatness again. We can follow our dreams to distant stars, living and working in space for peaceful, economic, and scientific gain. Tonight, I am directing NASA to develop a permanently manned space station and to do it within a decade” (Reagan). The country was able to set goals and achieve them. The party-goers of the 20s would have never considered conquering the last frontier, but WWII enlivened the preposterous ambitions.
While the unified country attained space exploration feats, on an individual level, women witnessed long sought-after aspirations materialize. During the war, men were dispatched internationally, leaving women to conduct affairs at home. Women more than sufficed, administering male-dominated industries and establishing credibility. Although the immediate Post-World War II years and the 1950s did not encompass the feminist movement that the 1960s and 1970s did, it was clear that feminism began to percolate in the post-war years (Anitha, “Striking Women”). Many women were reluctant to relinquish their newfound independence. “For the first time in their history,
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