Hannah Smith Suicide

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Hannah Smith, a teenage girl from Lutterworth England, attempted suicide by hanging herself by the ceiling fan on august 3rd,2013. Her elder sister discovered her hanging body . Preceding weeks from her death, Smith had been subjected to cruel taunts and insults about her weight These bullies urged her to drink bleach and cut herself. According to Hannah’s mother. She had become a loner and did not interact with anyone.After her death, Hannah’s father found a note that read: “As I sit here day by day I wonder if it’s going to get better. I want to die, I want to be free. I can’t live like this anymore. I’m not happy”.

Sexual Bullying:
Sexual bullying refers to the act of mistreatment or harassing someone in a sexual way, where they feel
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● Cracking sexual jokes about someone.
● Making comments about someone’s sexual preference or sexual activity
● Touching, grabbing or pinching someone in a deliberately sexual way
● Spreading sexual rumors or gossip in person, by text or online
● Forwarding sexually explicit text messages and inappropriate pictures via text or e-mail

Preventing sexual bullying in educational institutes

Lead a noble- mentoring faculty
Through this mentoring facility support among students gives a hands-on upkeeping against the bullies including the sexual ones. The care taking mentors can take the following steps
Anti- sexual supporting program:

● Hiring an average of 20 peer mentors every make a diversity of psyche meeting the mental caliber of students
● Putting up writing report which is why student should consult the mentor support facility in hour of need
● Wearing badges and signs of “noble mentor” to aware the bullies of their presence
● Arranging seminars and assemblies on sexual harassment and its prevention.
● Counselling session with pupils when there is an
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With all this research and identifying different elements of bullying is for the purpose of acknowledgement.Bullying can be identified as one of those silent diseases that harm the personality of a person without being diagnosed.People are ignorant of the problem they are facing.For that they usually need consultancy.Similarly this topic should also be given the status of a genuine problem now. Here the discussion can specifically about countries like Pakistan,India where the topic is ignored and is considered a part of the childhood and sometimes society.The topic is left in the corner
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