Hannah Wilke And Jessica Ledwich

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Since the 19th century and first-wave feminism, to the 21st century and post-modern feminism; women have used art as a method of expression and activism. Art has allowed women everywhere to speak out against political and social inequalities and impact history through an indubitable visual language. Hannah Wilke and Jessica Ledwich are two visual artists – decades apart from each other – that explore and challenge the standards set up against women. “Curlers” is a piece by Hannah Wilke from her “S.O.S Starification Object Series” that explores the formal imagery of women, through erotic and narcissistic portrait photography. Hannah Wilke was born on the 7th of March, 1940. Throughout her short lifespan, Wilke produced hundreds of artworks and experimented with many artistic mediums. In 1962, she graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Certificate in Education. For the majority of her life, Wilke worked as an arts teacher and was actively involved in the local arts community. She held her first solo exhibitions in 1972, where her work was largely received. Wilke was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1987, and continued to create artworks right until her death in 1993. Wilke was a highly innovative and controversial artist who greatly impacted feminist art. “Untitled ” is a digital photograph created, taken, modeled and edited by Jessica Ledwich as a part of her “Monstrous Feminine” series. The artwork explores the radicalism of modern beauty

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