Hannah 's Background As A Holocaust Survivor Essay

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Hannah’s background as a Holocaust survivor is important for understanding the experience of the Holocaust. Her story provides unique insight on the Holocaust outside of concentration camps, dispels myths, and captivates the emotional aura of living during the Holocaust. Hannah’s story is one of resistance, danger, and the importance of family. Hannah Berkowitz, formally Hannah Kromasz, was born on October 10th, 1919 in Wlodawa (Lublin), Poland. Hannah was raised in an poor house hold that followed orthodox Judaism and attended public school. Prior to the year 1939, Hannah stated her community was all friends with very little anti-semitism or discrimination in general. Then the Germans occupied Poland, including Wlodawa, in 1939 and started to immediately recruit young men for the Gustapo. Many jewish families started to flee to the Soviet Union, however, Hannah’s father did not want to leave. Preceding with normal life, Hannah was then married in 1940 and had a child shortly after. In 1942, her neighbors warned her to flee immediately, saying “they are going to kill all the jews”, just as the Germans started to force people into the ghettos. Having no prior knowledge of the events happening all over Europe, the family fled at night to the Dulcza forest in Radgoszcz, Poland, where they stayed from 1942-44. In the forest, there was multiple jewish families and the men would go into the Polish towns and beg for food, until a resident notified the Germans. When the Germans
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