Hannibal : A Great Carthaginian War General And The Greatest Strategists Of All Time

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Hannibal Barca
“Hannibal Barca” was a great Carthaginian War general and is renowned as being one of the greatest strategists of all time by many. Hannibal was born in 248 B.C in the ancient city of Carthage which is in modern times is known as Tunisia. Hannibal was born into a Carthaginian military family known as the Barcids. His father was the Carthaginian military general “Hamilcar Barca” who was taking part in the “First Punic war” with the city state of Rome at the time. Hannibal was born when the Punic war was coming to a close with the Romans emerging as the victors. During the closing years of that war his father Hamilcar had enacted a devastating guerrilla campaign in Sicily against the Romans. This is what earnt him his nickname Barca which meant “thunderbolt”, a name that Hannibal adopted at a young age. Hannibal was very young compared to his sister and brothers in which the former had already married and the latter were assisting their father in numerous small campaigns.
Although not much is known about Hannibal’s early life and education, due to the fact that when Carthage was eventually conquered by the Romans the majority of its texts and manuscripts were burnt and that Hannibal made his prominence as an adult, it can be determined that he did accompany his father on numerous conquests as a young boy. His most notable accompaniment was after the conclusion of the first Punic war. His father set out to repair the economy and growth of Carthage and after he
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