Hannibal: A Short Story

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The mid-November wind carried with it a chill – add this to the chill given to you by the disturbing scene before you now for an overall, over-powering effect of fear and un-naturalness. Of hopelessness. Of wanting to turn around and sprint away, away, away, as fast as your legs can carry your trembling body. Standing erect like proud soldiers in a parade are the hairs on the back of your neck and arms. You’re scared. And rightly so. The crime that occurred here is like something described in Hannibal – but worse. In the moonlight you can just make out the bodies: all seven of them. Each one with their own story of betrayal and misery to tell – tortured and beaten to an unrecognizable pulp. Blood. Everywhere. Bare should be the trees – and bare they would be if not for one thing: intestines. They were draped over and around the icy branches like a psychopath’s idea of bunting. But that wasn’t all that decorated the trees, and some might go as far as to say that the intestines weren’t the most chilling thing that decorated the trees. Because on one of the lower branches of a birch tree hung a man, aged around fifty. A man who left this world the way he entered – with a lot of…show more content…
This was to be the highlight of his career. Interviewing Ted Bundy himself! He had dreamed of such a day for many a night. Sat on the padded, bloodstained floor of his ‘cell’was Ted. Resting his chin on his right hand, which was resting on his leg. He was studying Nigel (the reporter) as if he was the one in captivity. Like he was an animal at the zoo. He can’t be very comfortable. – “The question here is whether I will care to answer, not if you can ask.” He mumbled, voice cracking after years of not being used. Nigel stuttered. He did not expect a reply. Word was that Ted kept to himself – ignoring all reporters. Why him? Why did he decide to answer to him? This was brilliant! “D-d-do you still see their
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