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"Okay." Will sighed, burying his hands back into the jacket. It would be cold down in the subway, and though it would be a relief from the wind, he knew it'd be warmer in Hannibal's car. "I live in Brooklyn." he added, another warning, but Hannibal only nodded, clearly pleased he'd accepted the offer. "Allow me to lead the way." Hannibal's car was nicer than Will had expected. It was a sleek, spotless black bentley, the interior smelling of leather and pine. Will slid into the passenger seat and immediately felt out of place, and he squirmed in the seat, trying to get comfortable as the cold leached from the leather through Will's pants. The window was fogged, but began to clear as the car began to warm up. Were the seats heated? Will…show more content…
He could see the image perfectly in his mind; the cemetery quiet, crows singing harshly in the distance, the sun's light illuminating the tombs as it baid the day farewell, orange leaves nestled near the stones resting on the grave, Hannibal young and sharp-minded, settling in this new country, paying his respects to the past as he took in the present. Maybe he had traveled here for the sake of his studies, or because the small suburb in which he'd grown up had grown too banal, and it was time, now, to stretch to the world. Or perhaps he had simply been visiting. But he could see it, young Hannibal in a navy blue windbreaker, or a too-large sweater, less together and experienced than now, taking in the sight as if heaven sent to him, the sun sneaking through and lighting not just the nameplates nestled in the grass but the features of Hannibal's face. He could see himself finding Hannibal there, his sister on his arm, pausing to stare at the man encapsulated at the sight, Will and his sister encapsulated by the man. Approaching him, and then the three of them, standing together in silence, the sun casting orange-yellow light and pulling blue shadows on all of them, the tears dried on his sister's face not unlike the shadows of rain on Hannibal's now. When they turned to look at each other, the their eyes drifting to each others', they would be silent, and his sister would smile, and he'd smile, and Hannibal's eyes would shine the way they were shining

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