Hannibal Lecter Character Analysis

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The series is about the FBI consultant Will Graham, who together with Jack Crawford and his team hunts down serial killers, especially the Chesapeake ripper. Will Graham have a special ability to have pure empathy and a vivid imagination, which gives him the ability to think and act as any kind of murderer. The downside with these abilities is that he slowly begins to go mad. Throughout season one, Will creates a strong bond with the psychologist Hannibal Lecter. Worrying about Will’s mental health Jack Crawford unknowingly seeks help by the same serial killer that affects Will, Hannibal Lecter. Intrigued by the opportunity Lecter takes on the challenge. Hannibal makes the most out of his opportunities and starts a mental game with those around…show more content…
Mostly, he seems like a nice person trying to help the best that he can. He is polite and often mark the lack of manners in others, giving us the impression that manners are important to him. Hannibal never lose face and are seemingly in control, not many things can get him off guard. By the looks of it, he does not have many close relations. He grows fond of Abigail, constantly talks about Will as his friend and Belinda Du Maurier is one of the few he talks with a little deeper, but she does not known everything. Alana Bloom and Hannibal Lecter engages in a sexual relationship, where Hannibal is like a snake whispering in Alana’s ear. Hannibal shows psychopathic tendencies, but does not fit the term straight on. One of the things that drives the series forward is Hannibal’s curiosity; it is because of it that he does many of the things that keeps the series going. One way to see the real Hannibal is the symbolic use of the Wendigo, a mythical shape-shifting man-eater. The Wendigo shows up in Will’s dreams and hallucinations, carrying some of Hannibal’s outer characteristics. Because of the Wendigo, spectators can harvest a greater understanding of Hannibal’s nature. He can go from sophisticated man to serial killer in matter of seconds, certainly making him a shape-shifter of some
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