Hannibal vs. Rome

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During the Second Punic War, Hannibal, was a terror to the Roman Republic. Remembered even today for his campaign, the hatred Hannibal felt for Rome was clearly seen on the battlefield. He plowed his way throughout modern day France and Italy, crushing his opponents (sometimes quite literally) under his army. However, Hannibal was not only a general of great strength, but also an exceptional strategist, and a charismatic leader. These qualities along with his appointed position, gave Hannibal all the tools needed to bring Rome to its knees. Beginning in the sixth century B.C., Rome's constant expansion now sought to lay dominion over southern Italy. However, as the Romans reached the farther south, they…show more content…
I personally, found how the sequence of events leading to Hannibal’s campaign fascinating. The oath of hatred that Hamilcar laid upon his son fueled Hannibal when he came to power. He began rebuilding the crumbled nation of Carthage not just to reclaim its former glory, but for revenge. Hannibal first by established a solid army consisting of Libyan spearmen, Nubian Calvary, Gaul and Spaniard foot soldiers, and the mighty war elephant. Hannibal’s use of the war elephant pricked my interest the most. Though they were used in wars before Hannibal’s time, thy never reached its full functionality until Hannibal used them in battle, charging them into the masses. Most interesting though was the fact that this mighty beast was never used as a pack animal, but only as a weapon. I assumed that this was the case, just as a sword is not used as a wood ax. Hannibal’s most brutal encounter with the Romans, and a snapshot of his true military intellect took place on the plains of Cannae. After the defeat of their armies, wave after wave, the Romans decided to play their trump card against Hannibal. The Romans amassed a force of 70,000 troops to send after Hannibal, hoping that the sheer number would overpower any counter offensive. However, the Romans confidence caused them to overlook Hannibal’s trap. Though he was
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