Hans Holbein, the Ambassadors

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Hans Holbein The Ambassadors ❦Introduction The Ambassadors is one of the most complex and arguably portrait which Holbein had painted. The purpose of this report is to analyze Han Holbeinfs painting, gThe Ambassadorsh. The main task of this report is to uncover the meaning of this painting, as it still remains unclear. Firstly, I will give a short introduction about the painter. Then, I will examine the characteristics of the people and the objects in the painting. Lastly, I will attempt to identify the meaning of the painting. ❦About Han Holbein Hans Holbein the younger was a German artist born in Augsburg, Bavaria. He was an outstanding portrait and religious painter and his works ranges from woodcuts,…show more content…
What does the distorted skull mean? According to the analysis of some experts, this skull added to the Ambassadors marks the artist's consistent vision of the frailty of human destiny. Others think that it might not hold any meaning to it. Holbein has used mathematics to draw the skull by a process called anamorphic projection. Maybe the skull was added just because Holbein wanted to show off his skills because intense calculations are needed to create such effects. Other than the skull on the foreground, there is another skull hidden in the band of Jean de Dinteville's cap and a crucifix hidden behind the green curtain on the far left of the painting. It still remains unclear that why these two skulls and the crucifix are placed in the painting. ❦Conclusion Lastly, after much observation, I think this painting has close relations with Religion and Death. The Crucifix and the Skull known as symbol of death suggests how death is inevitable for human beings. It indicates the hidden yet truthful realization of human mortality. Whilst the ambassadors stand there proudly amid their tools of knowledge, death is constantly there. No matter how advance science is, death is inevitable. I am sure Holbein painted the Crucifix for a reason. Maybe he is trying to indicate that people are so overwhelm by the progress of science that they start to forget about the importance of

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