Hans Scholl's Influence On Hitler Youth

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Hans Scholl was born in Forthenburg on September 22nd 1918 to Robert Scholl and Magdalena Scholl . His father, Robert Scholl, was elected mayor but was voted out of office in 1930 because he was considered too progressive. He had serval brothers and sisters, most notably Sophie but Hans was the oldest sibling. He went to secondary school in Kunzelsau until his family moved to Ulm. Although his father disagreed Hans and his brother, Werner, both joined the Hitler Youth. According to the Holocaust Education and Archive Research Team the Hitler Youth was “In 1920, Adolf Hitler, authorized the formation of a Youth League of the National Socialist Workers' Party (NSDAP) based upon the principles of an earlier German youth group known as as the…show more content…
We did not expect any explanation from him, but gradually we found out that the image and model of the Hitler Youth which had been impressed upon him there was totally different from his own ideal... Hans underwent a remarkable change... This had nothing to do with Father's objections; he was able to close his ears to those. It was something else. The leaders had told him that his songs were not allowed... Why should he be forbidden to sing these songs that were so full of beauty? Merely because they had been created by other races?” Inge Scholl from Spartacus Education. During his life Hans and friends had made their own “youth organization.” When you turned eighteen in Nazi-Germany you had to do 6 months of labor and enlist in the army. Hans was arrested in his barracks because of him taking impart of non-Hitler Youth activities. He was later released because his commanding officer ensured the interrogators at Gestapo he was a good and loyal soldier. During the second world war Hans was drafted into the Second Student Medical Company because at the University of Munich he studied medicine. When he retired he continued his education and help the wounded who came
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