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Hans Zimmer Hans Zimmer was born in Frankfurt, Germany in September 12, 1957. As a child, he began playing piano since he was three years old. Although he was receiving piano lessons, he quickly became uninterested after only two weeks of piano lessons. Even more astounding he decided to become a composer at age six. His father died when he was six and that is when he decided to become serious about music, because it was his refuge as he quotes, “It was my way of calming the demons in me or at the same time sometimes letting them roar, letting them rip, letting the monster out and seeing that it wasn't so scary being able to look it in the eye," (International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers 2). His family has been moving all over…show more content…
After his big success, he saw his career as a big fork in the road, he testifies, “Lion King made me reassess my situation in this town," Zimmer told Black. "I admit that standing on the stage and getting an Oscar [Academy Award] is the most seductive moment one can have in one's life. Then you go, 'Wow, if I just carry on writing nice music like this, I can have this moment again....' That's why I did the exact opposite, scoring for truly offensive projects like The Fan. Just to shake myself out of the desire for that Oscar experience." When he created the score for A Crimson Tide, he used a large choir and it featured a majestic symphonic score, as well as 3-D sound effects to enhance the film with action and suspense. Despite his choice to take the path less glittered, he still received recognition for A Crimson Tide. He won a Grammy for the score, and received another Academy Award nomination for The Preacher’s Wife. That same year, the performing rights organization BMI presented him with its prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award before Zimmer was 40 years old, which is a great achievement on his part. And in 1998 he received yet another Academy Award nomination on the movie As Good As It Gets (1998). In the late 1990’s, Zimmer accepted a head position of the music division with the Dreamworks SKG studio. While he was there, he supervised for all of their
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