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AP WORLD HISTORY DBQ By Jessica Zheng Period 4 Nov/Dec 2010 AP WORLD HISTORY DBQ By Jessica Zheng Period 4 Nov/Dec 2010 Prompt: While the Hansa and Swahili shared many similarities, their differences were equally important. What differences in the two trading alliances were critical to the cultural, economic, and political development of the two alliances? The Hansa and Swahili were two of the most successful and famous trading cities. They share similar terms, however, the two alliances do have differences that were crucial to the cultural, economic, and political paths taken and institutions developed by the Hansa and the Swahili. There were differences such as items that were exchanged between the alliances, the…show more content…
These documents discuss their experiences of customs, for example in document 3; it is about bringing every year some young Muslims so that there might always be in town certain Muslim merchants. In addition, it talked about the King of Kilwa’s orders, how the Muslims of Kilwa got possession of the trade and how successful Kilwa became. In document 5, Abdul describes the sea of Zanj and trading routes. It describes the luxurious abundance of gold and prized possessions. Lastly in document 7, Ibn Battuta, shares a biased opinion because he is a Muslim traveler and qadi which is a religious judge, he would declare every case that is concerned with the rulings of the Divine Law to be decided by the qadi, and all cases other than those are decided by the members of the council. Therefore, that is his point of view. All in all, the documents have similarities of traveling to east Africa, but everyone had different perspectives and experiences as well. Based on documents 1 (FOREIGN GOLD & SILVER COINS DISCOVERED AT SWAHILI CITIES: from Classical and Post-Classical Era Trading Civilizations to 1450 C.E.) and 9 (THE HANSA AND ITS TRADE PRODUCTS) it is to see that Hansa and Swahili traded variant items and their demand for certain products in the economy. In document 1, Swahili cities traded mostly gold and silver. On the other hand in Hansa, fur, timber, iron, copper, beer, skins, butter,

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