Hansel & Gretel: A tale of Many Stories

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Fairy tales have been a big part of learning and childhood for many of us. They may seem childish to us, but they are full of life lessons and intelligent turnings. Components of fairy tales may even include violence, but always with the aim to provide a moral to the story. Hansel and Gretel is in itself a very interesting story to analyze. It demonstrates the way that children should not stray too far from their benchmarks and rely on appearances. In 2013, a film adaptation was produced. This film is produced for an older public and has picked up the story to turn it into a more mature and violent version. Hansel and Gretel is a German fairy tale written by the Grimm Brothers which has undergone several changes over the years and across …show more content…
These scenes, when they are presented to an adult, are certainly not of a terrible violence, but presented to children, they have a very different impact. I think the violence used in stories for children is a way to help get a message or better remember a lesson by impregnating striking images in their memory. Thus, they will not soon forget the ugly and wicked witch who hides in the woods, and are less likely to venture into the unknown.

Interpersonal relationships presented in Hansel & Gretel are very interesting. First, we have the wicked stepmother, who face a risk of famine in the family, convinces the children's father to abandon them in the forest. One can imagine that she and the children did not maintain a very healthy relationship and that they should perceive her as an authoritative figure and a mean person. As noted in Bettelheim "CINDERELLA ": A Story of Sibling Rivalry and Oedipal Conflicts, "The fairy tale replaces sibling relationships with step- relationships Between siblings - Perhaps a device to explain and make an acceptable animosity which one wishes would not exist Among true siblings." Giving a nasty character to a member not being directly from the family of the main characters is something very common in the world of fairy tales. Then we have the fraternal bond between Hansel and Gretel which seems to be very strong, them who will help each other throughout the tale, even to put the safety of the other first. For example, when the
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