Happily Ever after All Around

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Once upon a time in a land far far away stood a kingdom surrounded by an enchanted magical forest. This small kingdom was run by a fair king and queen with a beautiful daughter named Abigale. As her parents grew old, Abigale knew she would have to take the throne as she was the only royal child. As much as she longed to be a normal girl exploring the forest and eating spaghetti with her fingers, she was raised to never run in her nice clothes and to always use a fork and knife. Obeying her father came naturally as she prepared to take the crown. Memorizing royal documents and learning to speak in front of people was the easy part. But when she was told she would be marrying the man of her father’s choice, she began to question her obedience. Princess Abigale continued to study for her coronation, not noticing her father searching the kingdom far and wide for the future prince. The news came on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the queen called her daughter to come to the grand hall dressed in her finest attire. Though this was the day she’d been dreading, she still dressed in her best gown and made her way to the grand hall. The entire kingdom watched as the princess met her prince for the first time. He was a boy from a rich family suffering great loss; their eldest son and his rabbit had gone off their boat and drowned, Luke—the prince to be—had been on the boat but couldn`t save his brother. They danced and the princess realized that this arranged marriage might not be

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