Happiness And Happiness Analysis

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Weiner is continuing his research in Switzerland with the help of journalist friend; Susan. She invites him to meet with a couple of Swiss people to interview their views on happiness. A wealthy banker, a doctor, and a former Hollywood agent who’s lived in Switzerland for the past ten years. Weiner asks them on a scale of 1-10; “how happy are you these days?”, and the responses are as expected, multiple eights and nines and even at seven. The Swiss interviewees were shocked as Weiner to see that they were quite happy with their lives. During the interview with them, he further asks, “what is it that makes them happy?” , the doctor replies, “ Envy.”, explaining that the Swiss will do anything to avoid envy with each other. Living by rules and judgment for example; no flushing the toilet after ten or no laughing after midnight, etc. In addition to his research, he remembers that a certain naturalist, claimed that humans have the innate love for nature through evolutionary past. Weiner then takes a trip to Bern; a place so quaint, you might end up leaving from insanity, of it is so quiet and small. He then travels to Zurich for a short while, to see how well people on that side of town spend their happiness. To his shock, it is actually slow-paced; every person is in no hurry to leave the beauty of the surroundings. Switzerland is a place of rules and morals, but full of judgment and monitored actions. Rules do not create more happiness, because it restricts your activities.

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