Happiness And Happiness Essay

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Happiness and Honesty, two words that have very different meanings and ways to interpret them depending on our perspectives and experiences in life. Through the people we meet, the lessons we learn, and the things we see. . The definition of these two words can vary differently from person to person but when referring to the Oxford English Dictionary they both come with their own unique definitions. I chose to define these two words because even though they are some of the most misconceived words in society nowadays, these words play a very active part in our everyday lives. When we find the balance between these two words and develop a better understanding to them is when we will really feel like we have control over the way we live in a…show more content…
These things will not lead you to temporary happiness because they are skills and traits that you will carry on for the rest of your life with practice and consistency. Life should be about doing and seeking the things that bring true happiness, if we’re doing things that don’t bring us any happiness or drains us from our happiness than we will never be able to keep it consistent. This could be in the form of a job we hate, surrounding ourselves with negative people, situations, and more. The noun “Hap” comes around 1200 as the old norse and old english root of happiness, and it means luck or chance, as did the French heur with bonheur, which means good fortune or happiness. The Germans with the world gluck, which still to this day means both happiness and chance.--
Honesty, is the honour gained by action or conduct, credit; a person's reputation, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary. This word first appeared in the early version of the Wycliffite Bible in a1382 as “honeste” meaning wisdom. The word “Honest” comes from the Latin word honestus, which means “honorable or respected”, and it wasn’t until 1300 did the word honest mean “respectable and of neat appearance.” Nowadays in society people alter this definition in whatever way they want to help benefit them in the long or short term. The reasons for doing this range from many different situations and aspects. For example, when your
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