Happiness And Happiness Essay : What Makes Happiness?

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Happiness. What makes people happy? Is it meeting up with friends and family? Getting a new job? Having a good hair day? Receiving an A on a test? Sure, many people may agree that these few examples bring joy, however money is something that will assure happiness. Some people may argue that too much money teaches people to be entitled or spoiled, and not enough money can ruin one’s life. However, having a moderate amount of money in one’s life will fulfill everyone’s needs in order to bring joy and pleasure to all. A quote found online said, “They say money can’t buy you happiness. I say hand me 100 dollars, you can watch me smile” (Anonymous). It is pretty safe to say that almost everyone would be ecstatic to take the 100 dollars handed over rather than mourning and being sad after receiving the cash. Everyone views their own happiness in unique ways however, money certainly causes happiness in people's lives by representing success, sharing wealth, and improving an individual's state of well being.
Happiness is measured by success, and success is rewarded by money. According to Webster Dictionary being successful is, “having achieved popularity, profit, or distinction”. Success is usually rewarded with money or profit in return. For example, people go to work every single day and try extremely hard to be successful. In order to get to that level, one must spend years and years going through elementary school, middle school, high school, and college just to be able to
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