Happiness And Happiness In My Life

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I am a person who is heavily influenced and defined by what I have experienced throughout my life. A particular occurence that has heavily influenced who I am and the person I am continuing to grow into is the experience of being supported by my friends when I was struggling with who I was and what the purpose of being where I am while I am here. I have struggled with trusting others and being comfortable with who I am as both an individual and how I fit into the bigger picture of my life. The love and support I experienced when I needed it most changed my perspective and outlook I have on myself and other people. Through this particular part of life and the experiences in it, I have begun to grow and develop into a person who is able to be happy and appreciative of what they possess and lack in relation to others and become involved in improving the world whenever I can. These experiences with self doubt and dependence on people around me has been influential and impactful in where and how I obtain happiness and meaning from and through my life. I have often struggled with questions such as what brings me happiness and even something like “what is real happiness?”1 which, as stated by Adam M. Green in the essay Happiness 101, is a question that many people struggle with, even if they are consciously unaware of it. My meaning and happiness come from the intrinsic goods in my life. The things that intrinsically bring me happiness is the love, trust, and happiness imparted
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