Happiness And Money : The Means Of Money And Happiness

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Whenever society thinks of money the majority wish they had more. That's true personally with me as I assume it is with you. When you picture your life with more money we get happier, worries seem to vanish, it is a perfect life. Money in this context does lead to happiness. Unfortunately, money and happiness, like life isn't black and white. Life is gray, life is dark at times and having money on your side won't always lead to happiness, but at the same time can boost your happiness in certain aspects and help many people find happiness and relieves stress and woes. Here two zones of happiness Extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic is the physical things in life: A car, new phone, bigger house, nice clothes. Intrinsic is the relationships and activities you build to create happiness. Each of their purposes is the same though… Happiness. What is a happiness? What is a happy person? Happiness is Defined as the state of being happy. some may want the new Comme De Garcon shirt, another a meaningful relationship, and another heroine. All in the pursuit of the pure bliss that is a moment of happiness. But the ways one can achieve this are once again varied and can be drastically different from person to person. Money is a unique thing a social construct built by humanity, to power everyday life. Money is just that though a social construct, and without the faith of our society, it would fall. Leaving the world and every economy completely destroyed.

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