Happiness Cannot Be Taken Away

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Joseph sits in his alleyway as the parade goes by. He slumps back as the entire city celebrates an opportunity that won’t affect him. The city was celebrating a day that came once every hundred years. They current royalty would pass down their crown to one person in their capitol. The winner of the drawing that would take place would step up as the new royalty. Every citizen of the capitol received one ticket, and richer citizens could purchase more if they wanted to which usually caused them to win. However, the winner must perform a task chosen by the current royalty which, if failed, would cause the winner to lose his prize and the current king or queen to would pass down royalty to their family for another century. Joseph decided he might as well experience the festivities that take place at the drawing since it only came around every century. So, he got up off his back and slowly walked to the courtyard. He looked to his sides curiously and whistled. An old dog with fleas and some left over lunchmeat in his mouth came running to his aid. He never gave a dog a name he just called him “dog” and when he wanted dog he would just whistle and dog would follow him wherever Joseph needed some company. Joseph and dog were in the courtyard where they had to practically fight their way through to see what was going on. Joseph grabbed as much of the free food that was being served as he could and gave some of it to his dog. Joseph couldn’t
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