Happiness Essay

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Happiness is most prominent in those that are fortunate. Those with many friends, a supportive family, and an abundance of material goods are the happiest. Aristotle teaches that happiness is the ultimate goal in a successful life. It is a sense of fulfillment that comes to all who are blessed. Happiness is acquired through competence and prosperity. It is a reward to all who flourish in life. Those born into poverty and anguish are more likely to be miserable than happy. It is highly necessary for a happy person to have material or external goods. Contrary to popular belief, one cannot be happy solely due to their existence. External factors like wealth, material goods, and people are instruments of happiness. This means that these goods…show more content…
People that once felt lonely and afflicted feel a sense of belonging. It is not solely the meal and bed that brings these homeless people happiness. However, it is the sense of love and acceptance that is ultimate happiness. Material goods have very little impact on true and genuine happiness. Rather, it is human interaction that has the ultimate effect. Seeing this happiness in others who were once deprived of it brings me overwhelming joy. Happiness is the joy brought about by serving others and being surrounded by love.
3. “Happiness is the emotion which is the driving force of life. People can derive happiness from material goods, but like most things, there reaches a certain capacity in which it is limited. It can only get you so far as in comparison to personal interactions which are limitless” - Jessica Sardina, Villanova Class of 2021 Happiness is the emotion on which life depends. Everyday interactions are dependent on happiness. Without a sense of joy and fulfillment, life cannot progress. In order to live one’s life to the fullest, happiness must be present. It is acquired through personal interactions. Happiness as a result of material goods is confined. However, when this happiness is compared to the happiness derived from personal interactions, it is miniscule. Only a small amount of joy can be derived from material goods. Happiness
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